Monday, June 1, 2009

Home Is Where The Hair-Dryer Is

Lucky for me- I own three.

I am currently moving my life from Family's House to New Rent House in Dallas with my friend KR, MG and MG's black lab, Ruby.

They are already living there; I am still in between. I loaded my car down this morning with living necessities like my eight million summer dresses, a basket for my bathroom cabinets and various belts. Not to worry- my books, various champagne glasses and blender are already in place.

Just the basics for survival.

Since I have an indefinite number of trips to Lowe's and Target left, which will inevitably necessitate some assembly required, I'll probably keep everything short and sweet on the blog-front this week.

I did realize in the three-ring circus that was our new house this weekend (parents of three girls, two dogs, three movers, various siblings, heavy furniture, lots of polka-dotted dishes), that I've really missed living with roommates. I love my family, but I'm excited to be back living with girls my own age.

Yesterday evening, while waiting for my mattresses to be delivered, we all camped out in KS's room, playing Harry Potter Scene-It, eating Hot Tamales and drinking white wine-spritzers with our friend CC, who stopped by for a visit to see our progress.

I'll post before and after pictures soon, and you will see that I live with proteges of Martha herself.

"Life is too complicated not to be orderly."
-Martha Stewart


RM said...

Why have I never played Harry Potter scene-it? Why did I not know that this exists? PS: Harry Potter moive night is not too far away! Welcome Dallas!!! I'm so excited you're officially down here and in the mix.

tootie said...

Enjoy your new place! Hope the rest of the move goes smoothly.

Mel said...

Have a happy move in!

I was (somewhat) in your neck of the woods this past weekend.

jlc said...

Ahhh gluck with the big move!~!!!

Can't wait to hear updates! and see some pics!

erin - heart in ireland said...

YAY! that is so exciting! living with good friends is the best. i am so sad to be leaving my best friend to move back home.