Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy I'm-Not-a-Parent-Day to Me

After returning early from my work trip to New Jersey, I went by to see my parents and give my Dad a big Happy 24th Father's Day hug. It was a good hug, I assure you. Definitely worth driving home for.

So this was my dad's Father's Day gift to me...

It's a Nespresso machine which makes the best coffee known to humankind.

The culinary experience at my new house just keeps getting better and better... I came home from work last night to a Tom Collins with a twist waiting for me on the counter. I had never tried one before, but it was delicious.

You should seriously re-evaluate life if you don't live with girls who make cocktails on a Monday.

Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.
-Drew Sirtors


Andhari said...

Is that to make coffee or cocktails ? either way I want one! I always wanna make my own margarita!

Bluebelle said...

Wow that looks like an amazing coffee machine! If I liked coffee I would want one. I'm a little confused though - you got a Father's day gift *from* your Dad? Does everybody in the US do it that way? I will suggest this to my Dad for next year. :)

Teresa said...

Great to hear you had a nice Father's Day! Also congrats on the new coffee machine. It looks pretty schnazzy and I bet the coffee tastes great!


My name is Cait said...

your Dad gave you a Father's Day present- that is amazing. i reckon i have been gypped.