Friday, June 12, 2009

Crisis Averted

One thing I like about my new Dallas house is that there is no shortage of excitement. I love my parents, but they are not this entertaining.

My roommates had gone to dinner with some other friends from our Community Group last night, but I had gotten home late and decided to stick around and manage dog relations in our house (Ruby has been joined by another puppy, just for the weekend).

KS and MG arrived home and our friend AW and BF came with them to see our house and watch So You Think You Can Dance. The tally is up to five girls and two dogs, if you're keeping track... and we may have replayed the opening dance number once or twice.

A guy stops by to see KS- which apparently she was expecting but still sounded shrill and surprised when she answered the door "PE-TER... Hi! I wasn't expecting you! Just kidding, I knew you were coming over!" it was a little odd. I am oblivious to anything going on at this point, and KS shows him her portfolio for one of her design classes, he stays and watches the show and plays with the dogs, etc.

Peter eventually leaves and KS comes back inside looking relieved. Apparently she had gotten a call in her car on the way home from dinner, which her Bluetooth picked up, and since not all of her numbers are plugged into her car, she assumed she was actually talking to another guy, Jack, who she just went on a date with last week. She and Jack had talked about hanging out last night, so when she got a call, she assumed it was from him. So obviously when Peter showed up at the door, the potential for disaster was definitely in the back of her mind, and she kept thinking of what to do if for some reason Jake came to our house unannounced.

She said that when he came up to the door she first thought: Jack looks a lot cuter than he did the other day!

Yep, that's because it wasn't him.

KS was pacing the entire time she was telling us this- stressed the entire time, even after he left, by the very idea of something happening.

On a walk with the dogs and MG this morning, she said that Jack eventually did stop by for a while last night to see KS. I joked that we will have to employ the Halloween tactic of turning off the lights when you run out of candy, so that guys coming over to our house will know when her dance card has already been punched for the evening.

There's no reason for either of them to know she has a date with a completely different guy tomorrow night, too.

You know, I'm not really any good at working out when people are flirting with me. And I think I'm too flirtatious with people I'm trying not to flirt with! What I am good at is making people feel uncomfortable.
-Josh Harnett


Bluebelle said...

That's really funny, its so much fun living in a house full of girls!

Andhari said...

AHHH she really lives in the moment , gotta love that!:D

ThePolkaDottedOwl said...

i think i just fell more in love with josh harnett. if that is even possible.

it really is like a car crash you can not look away from. what would be really funny if they both turned up at the same time. just pass the popcorn. oh that is mean:)