Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

I am craving short hair right now. I get the itch, every few years, and hack it all off. Problem is, I do like having long hair, but long hair and humidity were never meant to coexist. The past few weeks of clouds and rain in Dallas have started to wear on me; I am one phone call away from an appointment to get rid of nine or ten superfluous inches.

I like dramatic haircuts. I'm not a person with a standing appointment every two months; I cut it at my discretion. I do not color my hair at all, which allows it to stay healthy for a longer period of time.

I'm usually good and decisive about these things, but I have wrestled over what do next:

Should I just cut some long layers; good for the beachy Jessica Simpson waves look? Or opt for short, summer-heat friendly ease? I scrolled through pictures from my college years the other night (read: all of them) and almost had myself convinced that short would be the way to go.

Pictures of the short-haired me; three summers ago:

My friend BF has an adorable bob that I am envying at present. Her hair is always perfect and put-together looking. Of course, when I told her I was considering cutting mine, she said WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

So maybe there are some mixed feelings?

My family is definitely entrenched in Long Hair Camp, and for now, so am I. I have started soliciting opinions and people tell me they like it both ways; remaining safely neutral.

Let's face it- I'm all talk. I'm not sure that the instant gratification would be worth the sacrifice at this point.

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.
-Author Unknown


Andhari said...

While short hair can look cute, fun and flirty. I opt long, it's okaty to cut your hair but maybe not so much, just a little, add a bit difference and cute the front shorter. Only cut your hair short if you're 100% convinced about it. Like me, I'm tempted, but I know I'll get bored after 3 weeks, short hair never means femininely sexy :(

tootie said...

I'm having the same dilemma. I've had my hair long for the last few years, and I suddenly want to get it cut short.

If my hair is long, I seem to want it short...and if it's short, I want it long. :)

Bluebelle said...

I am a long hair girl - the last time I had short hair I was 8 and my Dad had cut it. Much too short. Although it does look cute on some people, I will always have that traumatised 8 year old in me shouting "No, stay away from my hair!" Yours seems to look good both ways though!

Mel said...

I get what you're saying. I chopped mine probably about a year and a half or two ago. I usually have really long hair, but at the time I was getting bored with it, and like you wanted a fun short haircut. So I did it. And I liked it and had fun with it. My family and a lot of my friends were all about the long hair, but for the most part they got over it.

And now? Now I miss my long hair, so I'm growing it back out.

That's the thing with grows back.

And for the record the pics of your short hair are totally cute.

Megan said...

The age old question. Amy your hair grows like you are taking pre-natal vitamins. I say cut it and thrive off of the drama of a drastic cut. If you hate it, I will help you install Paris Hilton extensions.

erin - heart in ireland said...

The short hair is cute :) Maybe only cut it a little shorter if you aren't sure you want it short again?
I'm slightly biased though as my hair has always been short!

Kim said...

I remember those pictures :) I love your short hair, for the record. Hope you're well!