Monday, May 25, 2009

The Graduate

There is not much I remember of life pre-brother.

LH is my only sibling. It's me and it's him.

I know that his eyes are the exact same color blue as our mother's.

I know that he has a penchant for dating redheads...

... and for making out with the younger sisters of MY friends.

I know that he eats the lemon or lime slices out of glasses of tea, water and beer.

All the things I know about him and all of our shared memories came flooding back to me as I watched him walk across a stage and graduate from college this weekend in Austin, Texas. A Friday and Saturday night affair, I had plenty of time to think. Maybe even got a little teary-eyed. 


We may be two very different and independent people, but we have a respect and an understanding of each other that has continued even through the past eight years, while we have been at different colleges and in different cities.

He ran into several friends and their families on Friday night when we were out to dinner to celebrate, and a few of their parents at separate times during the evening asked if I was his younger sister. It was funny (and awesome) because that never happens to us. I have always clearly been older, but not Friday. Maybe it was the lighting; maybe it was him wearing a tie. It could have been his post-graduate glow.

On Friday, he looked older.

"Oh, the places you'll go..."
-Dr. Seuss

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Andhari said...


No matter how difference people might be, siblings should always ALWAYS stick with each other. Glad that you two get along and be there for each other :)