Thursday, March 18, 2010

Throwing Like a Girl- March Madness Begins

You might live under a rock, in which case you could be pardoned, but I hope everyone else is aware that the March Madness games started today.

I'm pleased to say that there are 18 ladies participating in my bracket tournament idea from two weeks ago and I have successfully made gamblers and college basketball-watchers out of all of them.

Granted, $360 in gift cards is also good motivation, but I received many nail-biting messages all afternoon regarding the close games and we had a full house over to watch more of the action this evening.

If you didn't watch basketball today, you missed out. I don't recall such an exciting opening round in recent years. Out of the first four games this morning, two of the games went into overtime (one game had two overtime periods) and the other two games were decided by one point each.

The Villanova vs. Robert Morris took a few years off my life- thankfully Villanova survived by three because I have them in my Final Four.

Georgetown, on the other hand, lost by quite a margin to Ohio. I had Georgetown in my Elite Eight, so I don't really want to talk about it.

Other upsets today include Old Dominion over Notre Dame, Washington over Marquette, Murray State over Vanderbilt, St. Mary's over Richmond and Northern Iowa over UNLV.

And this is just day one!

I'm sitting on a couch perpendicular to MG right now, who keeps picking up her laptop periodically to check her picks and her rankings in our tournament as each game wraps up. This is unprecedented behavior.

Also: Wake Forest and Texas just went into overtime, making this the third overtime game of the day.

Did I mention how much I love March?

MG: "I can't believe I'm watching this."

Me: "You can't believe you're watching basketball?"

MG: "...and caring."


Molly Gittemeier said...

I love "making the blog"...this is awesome! And in the spirit of NCAA basketball--GO KANSAS!

erin - heart in ireland said...

hahaha, the games yesterday were intense.

and i also have nova going to the final 4 and stupid gtown going to the elite 8. i didn't do too well yesterday i was 9-7.

can't wait for today's games!

alyssa said...

I mean, I just listened to ESPN Radio in the car over my lunch break...who am I?

Amy said...

Alyssa you are the best version of yourself when you listen to sports radio!

You should really be tuning in to The Ticket, though.

Kate S said...

LOVE IT!!- Shofnevergonnalosesuckas

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Wow, 18 ladies! That's awesome. I'm on of those girls who knows nothing about March Madness...I need to learn. Good luck!