Thursday, July 31, 2008

They should call it "Stalkerbook"

I came face-to-face with an awful realization the other night.

It all started when I emailed my friend MK from work, and we made plans to hang out the following evening (last night) and for me to sleepover at her apartment.

We decided to make our evening health-concious, and met up with our friend TC and her precious new puppy Smudge. We traversed the Katy Trail in Dallas, making it from about Haskell down to the Knox-Henderson area and back. I don't know exactly how many miles that is, but they're a considerable number of exits from each other. Or maybe it just felt like a long time because we were walking at a leisurely pace.

MK and I decided to continue our evening of healthiness, so we went to Eatzi's, where I had never been before. It's one of those places with a bunch of pre-made food- they have tiramisu and baguette and raw seafood all within arm's reach of each other. They also have one of those overwhelming salad bars where they ask you a million questions and you wind up with some grilled chicken- avocado- zucchini- pumpkin seed- garbanzo bean- raspberry vinaigrette combination that just doesn't add up to a cohesive salad unit. I would know, trust me, that's why I bought one that was pre-made.

Anyway, while MK was waiting for her lentil and shredded beef salad, I noticed a girl hanging on her boyfriend, who looked oddly familiar. I couldn't place where I might know her from, and then I read her sorority and college on her t-shirt and everything clicked.

I recognized her from Facebook.

A girl I had never met, I recognized from a high school acquaintance's Facebook pictures that I had seen probably two-ish years ago. I can't remember half of the logic formulas I spent days and hours studying spring of my senior year, and yet at the drop of a lentil I instantly recognized a stranger from the Internet.

I hope the only thing this reveals about me is that I have an excellent photographic memory, and not that I waste time on a pointless cyber social website. Glass half-full people, glass half-full.

"I'd be much more into this project if you disguised it as a Facebook application."

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Kim said...

Oh yes, friend. I have been there. This is why I do call it stalkerbook.