Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Addition & Subtraction

Hi there!

How are you today? Meh? I understand, it is Wednesday, after all.

I'm guest-posting over at Alana's blog today. She is one of those people I only know in blog-life, but I feel like I know her because I've been reading her blog for so long. You should check it out- it's fashion-y, or as Alana likes to call it, a "Stylish Snippet" and probably a bit different than what you usually read from me.

Or not. I don't really know.

Now I'm rambling.

Did you give anything up for Lent? I opted for diet drinks, which is the standard thing I need to ax anyway. But still, I love them.

I'd also like to add something, instead of just giving something up, so I'm going to write letters of the hand-written, no-reason, just-hi, funny-anecdote variety. Let's start with one a week. If it makes anyone smile, I will have accomplished my goal.

The great opportunity is where you are. Every place is under the stars. Every place is the center of the universe...
-John Burroughs

1 comment:

Andhari said...

Good luck for lent :) diet drinks are my favorite, especially coke zero. I need to give that up. Oh well, baby steps :p