Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Update

I got my car back! Good as new. Literally, I mean new- I have had to reprogram all of the settings because apparently they had to take the battery out during the repairs, which resets everything. You know what's on 89.7 FM? Absolutely nothing.

I joined a flag-football team. Should be interesting and muddy, considering it will not stop raining or misting in Dallas for longer than 24 hours. I told my trainer about my new recreational adventure and being a former football player himself, he's super pumped and wants to get me in "football shape," which is frightening.

I got my chair from Crate & Barrel on Friday. Finally. I ordered the thing in July. I was concerned about the delivery people being able to get it into my room since I have the added complication of stairs, but I double-checked the chair's measurements and figured they would just have to pivot a bit. I Googled "standard doorway dimensions" on Thursday and found that people use ridiculous measurements like millimeters when describing doorways. Seriously? Save the millimeters for chemists who measure the convex meniscuses on lab-beakers. I don't have time for you and your tiny units, Wikianswers, give me feet and inches.

Diet drinks are back in my life. I think I needed a detox because for a while there I had Diet Sunkist at home and was averaging two a day. It's amazing my teeth aren't orange. I'm not drinking them everyday, but if I feel like it, I will. KR put it well when she said via gchat one day: "I don't do drugs, I'm not promiscuous... give me this." Amen.

I went to church by myself this morning and it was lovely. The sermon was on how people, us, we were made in the image of God. Our very worth is derived from this fact, and because of this every life has intrinsic value. How you treat/view/love others is inseparable from the way you treat/view/love God.

For probably over a year now some of my friends and I have talked about starting a book club. EM got on the ball and emailed a few of us to see if we would be interested, we selected a book, date and time and decided to go with it. The day was about a month ago and it came and went with no book club, but tonight we're actually meeting to discuss our first selection, The Friday Night Knitting Club. I liked it- it was not my favorite book of all-time, but it was a good read.

I think that's an important concept to learn; that not every book you read will become a favorite, but you can still enjoy it for what it is. Non-fiction, for example, is not typically a favorite of mine, but I still read it and find it interesting and informative.

To top off this random and unrelated post, MG just walked out the door to have dinner with her family and reminded me firstly that there is raw chicken in the sink and Ruby is home and secondly that there is a candle burning in the foyer, so if the house catches on fire it likely derived from said source.

Hope everyone enjoys what's left of their weekend!

It's a scary thing, when a person you admire is suddenly revealed to be absolutely, truly human."
-Kate Jacobs, The Friday Night Knitting Club


William and Megan said...

We read the Friday Night Knitting Club for our first book club meeting just about a year ago...I loved it! So excited to hear you got your book club started!

Andhari said...

Book club is a fantastic idea. Me and my friends were talking about making one too, it's gonna be a monthly one where we gonna meet someplace cozy and quiet to discuss the book we've assigned to read. We want it girls only though, maybe it'll be easier since the books can be too girly from time to time :)

Ps. football shape? Wow I would be intrigued too, I'm sure it's gonna be fun despite the hard work and intense work out you might have to do :)

Bluebelle said...

Ooh I like the sound of your book club. I want one! I think you're right that you can still learn from every book even if it's not a favourite, but (as I wrote a few weeks ago!) sometimes I don't feel it's worth struggling through a book to learn whatever it has to say. Maybe you're just more disiplined than me though!

"Football shape" sounds a little scary - what does that mean? :)

Anonymous said...

Can your chair pencil me in for a date soon?


erin - heart in ireland said...

Can I come live in your house? You and your roommates sound like so much fun!
And yea, I use millimeters everyday in my life. haha!

Windy City Kelley's said...

I tried to cut down on my Diet Pepsi but I like to have at least one a day at lunch. I just can't stop. :)