Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bundle of Joy

My friend EL and her husband had a baby at the end of September, Lily. She told me yesterday that she was in town with the baby, staying at her parents' house, and since I was going to the suburbs to have dinner with my family for my mother's birthday I asked if I could stop by and meet the little one.

I called when I left dinner and she told me Lily was asleep and to come over. EL has twin siblings still in high school, and one of their friends was on the couch, holding the sleeping munchkin. She passed her over to me and I took her with the same carefulness I give my cup of coffee while walking to my car every morning, so as not to wake her up.

She stayed in my arms for quite a while and I talked to her closed eyelids about how much she looks like her daddy and played with her tiny hands which EL told me she likes to ball up at or around her face while she sleeps. I told EL that my dad always reminds me I would roll my wrists and ankles around as a baby as well as sleep with my arms above my head, and I still do both of those things as a 24-year-old.

Lily started getting squirmy and crying which immediately made me think I had done something wrong, but EL was unfazed, saying she was just hungry. She took her into her family's study and we sat and talked while the baby nursed for a half hour. I asked her a hundred questions about her labor and contractions and how much she's sleeping, if nursing hurts, how often you have to do it, how strange it is for someone to need you constantly, etc. Her answers confirmed that there is so much I don't know about pregnancy or babies, but even more so that things completely vary case-by-case.

It was a surreal experience to be in the room with her last night because we would sit around and talk in the same fashion when we were roommates our freshman year of college... only then it was on our twin beds with coordinating comforters. She was so calm; very much herself, just tired and with bigger boobs. (Crass and off-topic, but it's true!) EL's own mother is very calm even with four kids and she seems like she will be the same way. Lily sleeps fine on her own during the day but apparently likes to sleep on the stomach of a family member at night with her legs hiked up like a frog... a seven-pound, three-week-old frog.

Pretty stinking adorable.

I might just visit her again tomorrow to get a picture.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.
-Leo J. Burke


Sarah Shalley said...

I've been reading this 'ole blog for a year or so now. I don't know you. We've never met! However, Liz is MY BEST FRIEND here in Houston...cracks me up that I am reading about her while she's out of town. I usually have Wednesday night dates with her so while she's away and I'm missing her, I'm glad you got to see her and hold my sweet Lily girl!

erin - heart in ireland said...

awwwwwwwwwww! I love babies! But totally don't want one of my own yet!

It is crazy to think about my friends having babies, but one of my best friends is due any day now, so I can't wait to finally see her daughter, and also her!

Andhari said...

I would all be gushing too. Babies of close friends you spend all the time in school? Time really flies by fast, don't you think? Please take pictures of her, she sounds adorable..

Bluebelle said...

Oh wow, how cute! Lucky you getting to see such a new little baby!

Jess said...

I read your first comment and that is so crazy! What a small world! Can't wait to see cute pictures!