Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Commuter Woes

Things accomplished today; Wednesday, September 23, 2009:

- TV man came to our house and mounted TVs in KS's room as well as mine. Check.
- Crate & Barrel bumped up the delivery of the chair I ordered eons ago to two weeks from now instead of another month. Check.
- Got in a car accident. Check.
- Missed training appointment because of accident. Check.
- Medicated by going to the gym with MG and subsequently ordered pizza, drank wine and watched the new episode of Glee. Check.

So yeah, productive day. Except for the whole fender bender situation. I won't rehash the whole thing because I will only get annoyed with myself and other people for not paying well-enough attention on a crowded highway to avoid it. "Sometimes these things happen," my mother reminded me one of the six times I called my parents within an hour of the accident, "you can replace cars, you can't replace people." Though she may have spoken a bit soon, considering that I am 24 and clearly still a liability.

I dragged myself home and retold the story to KS, who was getting ready for a date and MG, who was on her way out to go to the gym. KS offered for she and her date to stay and hang out with me until MG returned, which was sweet because she was concerned about leaving me alone after my rush hour trauma, but I assured her that there was no need to put me on suicide watch. I threw on gym clothes, admired my newly mounted TV for a hot minute and left with MG.

We ran a few other errands, including a trip to CVS where we purchased superfluous drinks with electrolytes in them and MG bought pencil sharpeners for her students who apparently broke hers with their ardent sharpening habits. Kids these days.

We watched Glee, which I would highly recommend if you're looking for another TV show to get addicted to, took showers and I called my parents again to get some things organized for my morning tomorrow. I got the name and number for my car insurance representative and also looked up the hours for the service department at my dealership. I took a gander at an accident reporting sheet on their website and there was actually a box on the page where it asked you to draw a sketch of what happened. Pass.

To be really Suzie Organized I got out my cute leopard agenda which has impressive space for things other than calendar days, and I found the Important Phone Numbers section. I was baffled to find that opening right-hand page of this section included places for restaurants, salons/spas, health clubs, cleaning services, garbage pickup, recycling pickup, lawn service and snow removal. Even "decorator" made it in before insurance information or even more importantly, medical information. Is the number for the recycling service seriously that important? How many months out of the year is snow removal really a pressing issue?

This is all rhetorical, of course. You wouldn't want someone who seriously debated which is better: G2 Gatorade or 10-calorie Vitamin Water long enough to fog up the freezer windows at CVS to prioritize the Important Phone Numbers in your agenda either.

"The car goes where the eyes go. It is true, my young friend. It is very, very true."
-The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein


Andhari said...

Omg accident? I'm sorry. how are you? Did you hurt yourself? I hope you have insurance for your car too :(

Bluebelle said...

Aww, scary - glad you're ok.