Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Housekeeping Items

Tonight I am opting for a list; instead of covering all of these unrelated topics in separate posts... enjoy the random! 

1.  I am a March Madness enthusiast. My free time since Sunday has been occupied by hanging out with my brother, home for the week on Spring Break, and poring over wins/losses, Conference Champions and the like.

2.  I love the movie Love Actually. I actually like all of the movies I mentioned in my most recent post, but that one is truly a favorite, just not one I want to watch with a male family member. Apparently Watchmen and Zack & Miri Make a Porno should also make the list- friends told me they were recently mortified by those two as well.

3.  I did keep a blog when I lived in New York, and if you would ever like to read it, please be my guest!

4.  I got the Bag Tag from Cindy forever-ish ago. Here it is... finally :)

My first love is Kate Spade, but my trusty black Longchamp and I are going strong on a whole year together. I really like the brown/black combination. 

I carry a khaki Marc Jacobs wallet, which moonlights as a clutch.

My iPhone was making this picture possible, and is therefore missing.

I always carry two books, minimum. I have a paranoia of running out of things to read. Currently I have three: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, The Emperor's Children and Lies Women Believe (reading it for Bible study).

Also included is the case for my sunglasses, a pair I recovered a month after leaving them in a car in the Bahamas over the summer after $75 in shipping charges, lengthy conversations with private airport employees, U.S. Customs and UPS. Those things aren't going anywhere. I have my car key, gum, phone charger, headphones, shoes I bought at H&M last weekend in Atlanta that were still in a bag in my purse (bottomless pit, I tell you) and the most important thing at the moment... my 2009 NCAA bracket. I have it online too, but I like keeping the handwritten newspaper version around as a quick reference. It's old-school.

I have other various miscellanea- check book, headbands, Pilot Precise V5 pens, lip gloss, hotel room keys from traveling for work, pennies. I'm afraid I'll lose all of those things if I dump them out...

5.  Erin gave me the Lemonade Award, which was very sweet and which I would love to thank her for!

6.  As of Wednesday, I am three weeks into Lent and going strong as a vegetarian. I have not had a bite of meat in 21 days. Sitting next to someone eating a filet or even just a turkey sandwich, I think I have something of an understanding of how alcoholics feel at bars. Resisting is not easy, but it's possible. 

"Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time' is to say 'I don't want to.'"
-Lao Tzu


insomniaclolita said...

OH MY GOD I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME BAG. How weird is it? Awesomeness :)

ps. I love Zack and Miri, it's really different. For once, they dont chose attractive looking main ator and actress at all. :)

erin - heart in ireland said...

I would love to get a longchamps bag, maybe once i've saved up some money.

i can't wait for the madness to start tomorrow! my brackets are almost complete, just trying to figure out the last few!

and love actually is also my fav movie!

remember moments said...

Ohhh - Encyclopedia of an Ordinatry life is sooo good. Enjoy it!!! It's a fun read!!

justcallmenora said...

I LIVE for March Madness!!!! Seriously, it's my favorite time of the year!! But of course I enter in all of these pools and then lose all of them to *that* guy or gal (usually gal) who has no idea what they're doing. I kinda hate it.

Cailie said...

I gave up biting my nails for lent, a nasty habit I've had since I was a child. 3 weeks and going strong with a few unconscious nibbles... I even PAINTED them yesterday for the first time ever.

a bit of a pointless comment but I had to share my lent joys with someone.

The Polka Dotted Owl said...

so love love actually!

Love the wallet! and I always carry the book I am reading at the moment everywhere I go.