Thursday, February 26, 2009

One of a Kind

I don't know who all looks at the index on my sidebar for reference when I'm talking about my friends, but the explanation of RM is particularly important.

He did indeed plan and execute a Spring Break trip that included four girls (myself included), one hotel room and one RM for a week in Manhattan. He is the ultimate friend and knows more girls than any guy you know, period. He works in finance, and when he moved to New York and started hanging out with coworkers, they were all baffled by the guy from Texas who knew more girls in the city than they did combined. Instant popularity is kind of his thing.

There is a group of us girls that he is very protective of, since he does have a younger sister and all, but he still likes to make sure we have a good time. He is the greatest person to go out with for this reason. One time he, KR and I got to a bar first where we were meeting up with some friends of his from college, and sitting in a corner booth over a glass of wine, she and I started commenting on two good-looking guys who were standing at the bar. Were they meeting girls there? How old were they? Which one do you think is cute? Etc., etc. RM, of course, told us he was going to go outside and make a few calls and could we please go the bar, get another drink and start talking to those guys instead of talking about them? I think his words were "y'all are young and cute and you two approaching them would be the best thing to happen to them this weekend- grow and pair and get out of this booth."

Of course we did no such thing, and had RM glaring at us through the window on the freezing New York sidewalk, shaking his head.

Just to gauge for everyone, last February I was still in New York and his birthday started at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, when he managed to get AV, KR and I out of bed and down to Rockefeller Center where we waited in the snow to get Saturday Night Live tickets, and ended at 4 a.m. the following morning when the bars on the Lower East Side closed. Longest and most hilarious day, ever.

This year a group of us met up at a restaurant and bar down at Victory Park in Dallas, near the W Hotel and the American Airlines Center. The main priorities of the evening were eating, drinking and watching the OU vs. Texas basketball game. I attended neither of these schools but never have a problem watching one of them lose. We were all in private back room which meant we could get comfortable and didn't have to talk over anyone. Love that. RM was baked homemade cupcakes by SR for his birthday, and we had a blast hanging out and watching AG's fiance, who was in rare form and decided multiple rounds of Patron were the order of the evening.

RM you are a great friend and your birthdays never disappoint! I'm glad that you started playing tennis with my friends all those years ago, and that our friendships have outlasted all of your tennis careers. If 24 is anything like 23, then we surely have no idea what to expect... which is exactly how it should be.

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."
-Oscar Wilde


tootie said...

Ok, so now I'm curious... did you get the SNL tickets? If so, what was it like seeing the show in person?

Punky said...

Wonderful! Happy birthday to RM :D

insomniaclolita said...

Thats such a nice birthday!! :) the photos look great.

Anonymous said...

write more about your life in new york!