Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fourteen; a List

Today marks the one month countdown to my 24th birthday. In honor of this; a list.

14 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I sneeze as if on cue when I'm trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. Usually twice.

2. If I could wake up to find nothing but snow outside on my birthday every year, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

3. The last time I calculated, the average age of my Top Five* was 37.2.

4. It takes me much longer to print than to write in cursive.

5. I never share my passwords to anything with anyone. Ever. Trust issues?

6. I can't touch my toes. It has something to do with having short hamstring muscles. Contrary to popular belief- I am genetically flawed.

7. I have a thing for guys with red hair. Nothing against blondes or brunettes, I have liked one or two of those in my day. No idea why, but the red has a magnetic quality. I think it's the novelty and eye-catchingness of the color.

8. I love Naked Juice, particularly the Mighty Mango flavor, but the idea of carrying something that says "Naked" on the label in to work makes me squirm.

9. I am particular about keeping my car clean. I take it to my dealership, which is a few streets up from my office, once a week during lunch to have it washed. The crowd waiting for their cars inside is usually me and men who are 65+, retired, reading the paper and watching Fox News or SportsCenter. It's like the greatest, un-bothered hour of my week.

10. I own exactly 20 little black dresses. I could wear a different one every weekday for a month without repeats.

11. I always want writing to be a part of my life in some capacity.

12. I have never been in love.

13. I have to have some sort of lip moisturizer within reach at all times. I get more compliments from wearing Aquaphor than any lip gloss.

14. The tiny fraction of emo within my soul is a fan of black nail polish.

15. I would love to play chess, and the piano, well.

*Top Five is a highly regulated list that several of my friends keep, each has her own, of their favorite male actors and musicians. There is also an honorary Silver Fox distinction for a 40+ man, which is separate from the Five.

"You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own."


tootie said...

Happy soon-to-be 24!

By the way, I can totally relate to #5. I'm taking my passwords to the grave! ;)

Anonymous said...

If I ever have to share my passwords, I change them immediately after they access my accounts once!

I'm impressed by the number of black dresses you own. I think I'm up to six or seven.

Great post!

Lauren said...

Top 5 reminds me of Ozark :)

Greyer said...

I have shared my one or two of my passwords with some very close friends...

For some reason I find #12 hard to believe, I mean NEVER - come on...

themanhattantransfer said...

I love that everyone is the most responsive to the password-keeping.

And yes, #12 "never" is very true!

HBee said...

Cute post! 20 black LBD's? I'm impressed and want your collection! Also...I kinda have a thing for red heads too. I think they are adorable and somewhat unique. I even like the freckles that come with :)